Freedom Lies In Being Bold

First off, I would like to apologize for not writing much lately. I have had a very full plate lately. I currently have some personal obligations at work, home, and to the friends and family around me that I am putting a lot of focus in. My creative focus has been drawn to working on a new theme and look for my blog. I don’t know when I will be done with it, but I cannot wait for all of you to see what new things are coming for my blog. 

Today, I have a short and to-the-point topic I would like to write about. I did not intend to write today, yet something crossed my mind that I felt important to share. 


As human beings, we have the natural yearn to judge and react to those around us. The characteristics, personalities, and emotions are different and unique within each of us. Additionally, each individual also holds on to their own beliefs, opinions, and perspectives. As these beliefs and opinions are challenged within our society, our fight-or-flight instincts seem to kick into high-gear.

Just as there are people who throw the punches and people who block themselves in defense; there are those who are conservative and those who are radical. We primarily notice this in daily politics.

The conservatives hold on to what we have and intend to strengthen domestic conflicts through root morals and traditional obligations. They take a rational and more defensive approach to society’s issues.

Laissez-faire (French for “let do”) is a fundamental idea used with this approach. Primarily, it tells us that we should leave everything alone and not make reforms to resolve issues. This French idea suggests that everything around us naturally fluctuates and adapts to us. Intended for economic conflicts, this idea advised our government not to implement tariffs and subsidies against trade and the global market. It also applies to borrowing money from other countries in ways of benefiting our own, which with laissez-faire, we would eventually settle down if we did not dig ourselves in holes by interacting in private transactions and international affairs.

As conservatives are more passive and intend to protect the root of all ideas; radicals are more aggressive with their beliefs. They intend to change and shape everything to their own beliefs and opinions. Radicals throw the punches and come to extreme measures to persevere revolution through persistent and strenuous campaigning of their solutions to current economical and moralistic struggles. They are, in my opinion, the epitome of hypocrisy unto this nation.

As radicals bring about change within society, they look towards harsh judgment and discrimination of others to limit their rights and freedoms. Even if they are resolving an issue for the better and by the interests of the inferior group, they are still judging and discriminating other groups of the nation in means of gratifying their audience. It is an extreme and intensive way of bringing about reform and it goes against everything this nation was birthed to – the three G’s (God, Gold, and Glory). From the beginning, people came to this land in search of freedom of religion, opportunity, and happiness. Since the beginning, that is exactly what people didn’t do.

This country will never be good enough for its citizens. They take advantage of the opportunities to build and live freely. They take advantage of shaping their own ideas and opinions. They take advantage of perfectionism. There will always be something to judge. There will always be something to discriminate. There will always be something to protest against. Nothing is ever good enough and this country’s initial intentions will never be lived up to the fullest. We came here to avoid persecution and build a new life, yet since the birth of this nation we have become hypocrites unto ourselves by persecuting each other. It is because of religion, politics, and power that make fulfilling true happiness & freedom impossible.


“Freedom lies in being bold” ~ Robert Frost

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Don’t Stop Here

Five Minute Friday! 

Stream-of-consciousness writing. No editing, no back-drafting, no over-thinking.

Five minutes to right about the word: Here


Here: Don’t Stop Here

This week I have worked at a different location and not my current one. I’m working there because I had been requested to train a crew and have them well and ready to work their stations for the new location they will be stationing at. This is part of the reason I have not been writing much this week. With training a crew, I have worked day shifts and not the regular over-night shifts I have been familiar with for the past 2 years. Despite the fact, as today was my last day training, I have noticed how much of a change I have influenced upon an entire group of workers and I am very pleased with the results and progression they have expressed.

This training process throughout the week has also put a lot of motivation in me. I am pumped up and ready to go! All the superiors were begging me to transfer to their store so that I may train in management and move up within my position. The crew’s managers were also begging me to join a field training program so that I may go to their location and help them open it. I felt so much inspiration and appreciation for my hard work. I never get that feeling at my current location that I work at.

In closing, I have made a decision to keep running. I will not stop here. I want to keep running while I have my blood flowing. I have waited patiently for far too long now. It’s time to work hard towards moving up and improving those around me and produce quality efforts!

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Breaking Through the Motivational Plateau

Part of my job at work is to train employees, brought on my shift, everything they need to know in able to effectively support me in completing duties. I work over-night shift, which is very laboring and demanding in time-efficiency & urgency. I am forced to multitask and perform at my highest energy level in order to complete tasks and projects by a specific deadline (the end of my shift).

Generally, over-night shift consists of seven to eight hours starting at midnight and ending at seven in the morning, however, on some nights that are particularly busy and/or multiple tasks needed to be finished, I find myself getting into my shift around ten at night and not leaving until eight or nine in the morning. It may seem like an easy and boring shift, however, the time feels as if it passes faster over-night and with all the work needed to be done by the crew, it makes it difficult and stressful.

When new and energetic employees come on my shift, it is increasingly difficult having to finish my job while also teaching others how to do it. Although, overtime, I have learned quickly how to multitask the two and still be able to complete everything on time. Completing the tasks is not my biggest concern, however.

My biggest struggle with training new employees is pushing them through their “Motivational Plateau.” When a person is new and fresh to anything, they have a high level of energy and motivation to do a great job and prove them self to their superiors. My more experienced co-workers see this as, “Wow. He/she is a really hard worker isn’t he/she? They’ve been busting their ass all night!” However, I always disagree and say the same thing, “Give them time. They haven’t shown me their true colors yet. I’m waiting until they reach their plateau. Once they reach that point, I’ll break them. Then, I’ll have an opinion.”

When a trainee reaches a point of exhaustion and sluggish performance within their work, I describe it as them hitting their “Motivational Plateau.” It is a point at which a person stops improving in performance due to the lack of motivation within their job. At this phase, their work ethic settles down and is vulnerable to developing bad habits and flaws in efficiency and productivity. Generally, this can be first seen within two months post-“hire date.”

An employee who has hit a plateau has lost focus on what they want or need. Mainly, tge reason why they hit the first plateau is because they either failed or succeeded at making a good “first impression” and they do not know what else to shoot for. They have no remaining motivation that they felt when they were learning and/or experiencing new aspects of their position and performing to prove themselves.

This is the best opportunity for me, however. I get to grasp an idea of their legitimate work ethic and abilities so that I may be able to help them adjust and learn how to perform in an efficient and productive manner. Their performance that they have shown me within the first two months has no gauge on how they will work for me in the months after.

Therefore, it is crucial for me to realize that they will all have imperfections and I need to break them of those bad habits so that I may be able to send them on the way to fruition. However, it is important that I act quickly and efficiently before it is too late and they have adjusted to their own pandemonium of bad habits and cutting corners to get out of work on time.

As my staff begins to reach a plateau, I have to find a way to break them through it. The first struggle about this is that every individual has a specific way of being motivated. The second struggle is whether or not a worker has personal motivation and/or passion for their job. It is especially difficult because I can’t put motivation and passion in people, they must build that up for themselves. The only way I can help them towards this is helping them find something that motivates them. As I learn who they are and what their attitude is, this becomes easier for me to help them find what they need.

As I set the tone, I have to push others to keep up with my standards to get things done. They have learned the basics of completing specific tasks and projects and now I am to demonstrate the “right way” of finishing them with attention on details. I strive for perfection and infinite improvement. I am trying to change their mindset while at work so that they feel that it is important for them to get it done and done right. If they complete their tasks and I ask them how they feel about getting them done and they don’t feel anything, I did something wrong.

Eventually, as they begin to break their bad habits of cutting corners and putting in only 50% effort then building good habits with a better attitude, I throw them in the deep end. I have them doing everything at once, on their own, and with some added duties they must complete so that they may feel a “sense of urgency.”

If they complete everything to my standards, I praise them and point out all the good things they did. Of course, they most likely made several mistakes; however, I feel it is important to have overall positive reinforcement for their actions so that they may feel motivated to keep striving for more. On the other hand, if they fail to complete their tasks and projects, I do the complete opposite and set a disappointing mood for them as I point out all the mistakes they had made while not acknowledging completed work. This will again help them strive for improvement.

As new employees break through their first plateau, it becomes easier to break through them in the future. Some individuals are more easily motivated than others. Some of them may only find themselves at a plateau for a week. Some take as long as two to three months. Although, if I notice an individual is starting to settle into a plateau from prolong lack of motivation, I must take a different approach and either talk with them about it in a professional manner or push them to their limits (which has risky outcomes).

I have had many struggles with dealing with different individuals, but I have a way of figuring out what a person wants or needs and cultivating it into their motivation so to increase their productivity and performance. It is especially hard when one is just working to come in, rack up hours, and leave. I don’t get mad at these individuals, however, when they do need something from me, I am not going to be the one who suddenly drops everything for them when they don’t give me the effort. If they want something or want to strive for something, I’m going to show them how hard they have to work for it.

My respect for my employees is directly gauged by work ethic, self-accountability/responsibility for work & tasks, and how they break through the “motivational plateau.” They don’t have to be the fastest, they don’t have to be the smartest – they just have to care about their job. I want to see how far they’re willing to go for me and that will gain me immediate respect and willingness to get them anywhere they want to go.


I shared a glimpse of my work-life to better explain my words of wisdom for today. I tend not to talk about my job outside of work, because I believe work and home are two completely different entities. I have different personalities and characteristics for each. No, I am not schizophrenic. I simply believe that work and home should remain separated and never confused with one another. You will notice that my mood while writing the anecdote above was a lot different than my writing style now. Because of my beliefs about work and home retaining separate mindsets, is why they are distinguished.

Today, however, I make an exception so to talk about the “Motivational Plateaus” we deal with in our daily “home” lives. Generally, we see this phase a lot within the contrasts of our relationships. As we engage in a new relationship with someone we care and are passionate about, we start with great memories and fun times. People often refer this as the “honeymoon” phase – no fighting, no stress, and no apparent imperfections/flaws in character. There is a lot of motivation and high-energy within the beginning of a relationship. We put most of our energy and focus into the other person. However, as time goes on and we begin to settle down a little more as we are more comfortable with our partner, the rough patches are exposed, at which point fighting begins and the relationship takes a more serious turn.

At that moment, we hit that “Motivational Plateau” within the relationship. We do not put all of our energy into the relationship anymore and our attention starts focusing on ourselves rather than our partner. As these focuses change, imperfections become apparent. Instead of letting these imperfections pass by, we use these as excuses for our lack of commitment in the relationship as arguments rise.

Sometimes, because we end up among this plateau, the relationship falls apart and ends without intention. However, we can break through this plateau and make sure that we still end up with the same person we adored during the “honeymoon” phase. All we have to do is figure out what we want/need in the present or future from the relationship and motivate ourselves to work hard so that we can build the bond stronger than ever before.

We also need to express our wants and needs with our partner in able for both sides to be motivated and work together to make it happen. If only one person is working towards breaking through the plateau, there will be only one happy person in the relationship. Communication and trust are the key ingredients to a happy and loving relationship. We must have both to break through.

Relationships are not the only examples for “motivational plateaus”. There are many other interactions we are involved in that this concept applies to. We need to find something that motivates us when we hit that point. Something that we want or need out of it. When we find that, we can keep that in mind as we keep pushing for excellence and break through the plateau – constantly climbing higher until you reach the peak.


“If you think you’ve made it, you’re at the wrong place, never stop.” 

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A New Kind of Hope

“Sometimes what we feel inside that is so deep shows up through other ways to let go of the hurt inside, it’s the emotions way of “finding their way out.”” ~ Karen Courcy “A New Kind of Hope”


One night, while I was asleep, I had an emotional, heart-felt dream that sent me into tears the next day. I had a dream that I was in a church. I stood in front of the crowd as they prayed and looked up, adoring Jesus upon the crucifix. The lights were dim and the choir was humming peacefully and quietly. It was a very relaxing and settling moment. However, as I looked around me, I noticed that no one could see me.

I began walking around to each person, trying to grab their attention. I would wave my hands in front of their faces, yell in their ear, and even nudge at them, but no one was affected by my presence. At this moment, I realized why they were not able to see me. It was because I was dead and these people were at my funeral. 

For a moment, I felt lonely and neglected. I thought to myself, ‘Why have I been chosen to die when I have not yet learned to live?’ I was confused. I had no idea why I was dead or what happened. However, I did feel safe knowing that I was in a church and with God.

I sat down upon the steps which led to the altar and watched my funeral service. There were many tears and many faces hidden in people’s hands as they are saddened by my death. It was a beautiful service with a lot of music and readings.

As the service came to its closing, I continued to sit among the steps and waited as the crowd slowly left the chapel. It was silent and dark. Most of the lights were off except for one which beamed directly onto the crucifix. As my eyes were set upon Jesus, still in denial of my death, I suddenly heard one of the chapel doors open behind me. I turned my head, wondering who it was, and out of the corner of my eye I saw the one person that I had missed and thought about the most – my mum. 

As she made her way down the aisle, dressed all in black and looking the most beautiful she ever had before, I felt so much sorrow and loss. Sorrow for never being able to feel her love again and loss for this moment being the last time that I would ever see her face.

When she got to the altar, she lowered on her knees and prayed. During this time, memories ran through my mind of all the fun times we had and all the great, loving moments. Then, after what seemed like an hour, she stood upon her feet and looked upon the crucifix. Suddenly, she began to smile and out of my amazement, she turned towards me with her eyes in plain sight of mine and I collapsed to the ground in tears.

She walked over to me and pulled me up. As I continue to cry, she softly consoles me saying, “Everything’s going to be okay.” I looked at her and said that I am so scared of being alone. She took me in her arms and continued to comfort me, “Don’t be scared… I’m right here… It’s going to be okay.”

After those words, I woke up to find myself in my bed. I hurried out from beneath the covers and called my mum crying – out of breath, “I love you, mum.”


My mum, Karen Courcy, is one of the most important people in my life. Words can not explain how many of my emotions are devoted to her. I honestly don’t know what I would do without her in my life. It is because of the love and care that she has smothered me with my whole life, that I naturally have a close bond with her. She is everything that I could ask for in a mother and I love her so much.

I’m writing this post today, to share with you all of how amazing of a person she is by exposing her blog to my readers. She is an amazing writer and it is because of the experiences she had that makes her writing so real. While I write from the mind and from inspiration, she pulls her words out straight from her heart.

She writes to share her experiences through healing. She has been through a lot of trauma and abuse as a child. As she now goes to therapy and looks towards God for guidance, she shares with us how the support around her and how it has gotten her to where she is today.

Her blog, “A New Kind of Hope,” can be visited by clicking on the picture below. She will blow your mind away and possibly even shed some tears in your eyes with her words and wisdom. Take a moment to visit her – it will be worth your time.

A New Kind Of Hope. A Blog created by Karen Courcy.

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Caught Up In Our Thoughts

“In daily life, we are often lost in thought. We get lost in regrets about the past, and fear about the future. We get lost in our plans, our anger, and our anxiety. At such moments, we cannot really be here for ourselves. We are not really here for life.
Practice makes it possible for us to be free – to rid ourselves of these obstacles and establish ourselves firmly in the present moment. Practice gives us methods we can use to help us live fully in the present.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh “Your True Home” Lost In Thought


One of my biggest struggles is getting caught up in my own thoughts. I always worry about what I did yesterday and how I could have done things differently, what I want or have to do tomorrow and how I should go about completing my tasks, the way I approach my projects, the projects I haven’t finished, and so much more. My mind is running constantly with thoughts and ideas. It is one of the main reasons why I started a blog!

As Thich Nhat Hanh was talking about “practice” and how it “gives us methods we can use to help us live fully in the present,” it reminded me that I write as my practice to live fully in the present. My thoughts, my dreams, my inspiration, and my emotions – they are all written on my blog so that I may be able to express myself and clear my mind of the thoughts that clutter my mind.

The more I practice, the happier I am and the more I am able to distract myself from the stresses and exhaustion that distracts me daily.

Is there something that you practice daily in order to be fully present?

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Taking A Road Beyond Familiarity

Today is Friday! Which means I get to write my Five Minute Friday! 

Five Minute Friday is a blogroll created by Lisa-Jo Baker (also known as, The Gypsy Mama). She gives us one word every week on Friday and we have five minutes to write whatever comes to mind as we see and think about that word. No editing, no back-drafting, and no over-thinking. It is writing with your stream-of-consciousness. 

I like participating in this blogroll, because it gives me a chance to practice writing about a topic that is thrown at me without warning – no planning, no brainstorming, no thinking – just 100% natural ability. It has a way of bringing out more inspiration in me while also teaching me things I have never knew before! It’s amazing how writing can do that, isn’t it? As we start writing blindly, our deepest and darkest thoughts creep up on us – teaching us things we never knew. We learn what our true emotions are and our true perceptions of ourselves and of our life. 

Anyways, enough rambling on. Let’s get this week’s Five Minute Friday started.


BeyondTaking a Road Beyond Familiarity

I have had a lot of people tell me, while seeking advice in times of need; they feel as if they are missing something in their life. The same question I had for each and every one of them was, “What does it feel like?”

They would all look at me with expressions of thought in their eyes and all with the same confused face which then quiet words escaped from it, murmuring, “What do you mean?”

I clarified myself, saying, “If you feel like you are lacking something in your life, what does it feel like to lack?”

Some of them would say that they felt depressed, unhappy, lonely, and unwanted, while others kept the same confused face as they had no clue to how they felt. However, no matter what their answer was or how unsure they were, I would confidently ask one more question of which would help me better understand and help them realize what it is they are missing –

“Where have you been looking?”

For us to feel as if we lack something in our life, it means that we have lost something – something that was there and is now gone. As we feel this loss, we begin to search for it. For most of us, as we look for something and we are not successful in finding it, especially after countless attempts, we begin to worry and panic. We don’t understand why we can’t find what we are looking for and we begin to get frustrated, which makes our pursuit even more of a struggle as we run over the same tracks. However, it is because we set our eyes among our own trail – the familiar places – that we can’t seem to find what we’re looking for.

We search in territory that we know and are comfortable with. We are a ship that is bound in port – safe and secure. We do not seek the untouched places. We do not sail among open waters. We do not take the road beyond familiarity and it is because of this, that we never find what we are truly looking for. We are stuck in a rut as we search among our own footsteps.

That being said, if you ever reach a point in your life when you feel that something is missing and you are in rut where nothing seems to fill that void within your spirit, I challenge you to take the road beyond familiarity. I want you to sail among open waters. I want you to grasp new ideas and concepts. I want you to experiment with new hobbies and interests – taking new opportunities as they are given to you.

Take a risk and do something today that you have never done before. The more you are exposed to in this world, the more chance for you to succeed.

Untie your boat, kick off from the docks, and cast your sails. Slowly drift away from your port and set your course on the road beyond familiarity, because who knows? – You may find exactly what you are looking for.


“A ship in port is safe, but that’s not what ships are built for.” ~ Grace Murray Hopper

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D.E.A.R. – Note To Self

If you are a frequenter of my blog, you may have read last Wednesday’s post, “D.E.A.R. -Drop Everything and Reflect (What Is It?)”

I decided that every Wednesday I would take a break from all the busyness that goes on in my life, so that I may sit back, relax, and reflect upon the past, present, and future. I call this a time to D.E.A.R.

The reason why I felt Wednesdays were so appropriate for this is because it is smack in the middle of the week. Most people call Wednesdays – “Hump Day” – due to the exhausting efforts of walking up hill in the beginning of the week and getting over the little hump in the middle as we begin our relaxing decent into the weekend. That being said, while I am at the top, I might as well look behind me and see all I have achieved, bask in the glory as I am above and beyond, and gaze before me as I notice the wonderful beauties to come.

Being on top is something we need to take advantage of. Too often our Wednesdays sneak away from behind us and before we know it, the weekend is here and we did not get to appreciate all that has happened during the week. The mistake we make a lot of times is not finishing everything we wanted to do. Make Wednesdays your time to reflect and it will show improvements in your life – in productiveness, efficiency, mind, body, and life.

It is important to me – especially with my scattered thoughts and cluttered mind – to Drop Everything and Reflect.

If you haven’t read last week’s “D.E.A.R.” here is a link that will direct you there so you can have a better understanding of why it is important for us to take these short moments and grasp the big picture.

D.E.A.R. – Drop Everything and Reflect (What Is It?)


Note To Self


Dear Christopher,

We have been through a lot so far, haven’t we? As we sit here, underneath this sheltering tree that hovers over us, and we absorb the miraculous view of the smoky mountains, I am inspired to reflect among your “walk-about” in life. I can see just how much you have progressed and developed since the beginning. Moreover, as I further continue to reflect, I find it necessary to point out the details – all the great I have seen and even the unpleasant – so that you may see for yourself how your life has been affected and the affects you have on others.

Throughout your life, particularly during the latter years of your childhood, you have faced many hardships and have felt many emotions. As you touched these emotions – pain, anxiety, sorrow, confusion, and anger – they became an understanding as you grew up with them. You are able to help others cope with their emotions as you became more familiar with their elements. However, while you were young, these feelings weighed down heavily on your heart as you could not cope with them yourself.

You have lost many friends as they drifted away by force. You have lost family members and loved ones to sickness & death. You stood there and accepted blows as stronger and defiant kids stoned you because of your weakness. You listened carefully as people treated you as inferior. You did not fight back. Your voice remained mute, eyes stared down, and your body – crouched. During these times, you have found yourself falling into a dark rut as depression plagued your soul. Although you have battled ruts before, such as a rut where your successes seem non-existent, a rut composed of depression is far grimmer than any other. When you had been consumed in a rut of depression, you were lured back into its hands every time you attempted to climb out. During these times, light was desolate and noises were muffled. You were imprisoned by chains of despair and regret. You were lost in a place that could not be found. Your only way out would be to let the fears overcome your body – waiting patiently and indefinitely.

Finally, after much time of observing and analyzing your surroundings, you began to apprehend its demeanor. You then grew stronger as you continuously broke each chain – one by one – from your wrists. When you finally broke free from the binds, you exposed yourself to the outside world. You took your knowledge and intuition, which escaped with you, and bathed those around you with it. After that moment, you began to set off on a journey towards understanding and sharing.

Since that beginning, I feel as if you have been on a long and determined journey to an unfamiliar place – a place unknown to you. Along the way, you have talked to many people and have been taught many different perceptions of life. You have seen the way people interact with others and their opinions of themselves. You have listened closely to their problems and struggles that they have faced among their journeys.

With each new experience, you have taken in new-found knowledge and strengthened your mind to further advance on your expedition. What inspires me most about this is how far you had already changed since you have freed yourself from that rut – all the characteristics that have built over a short period of time. I feel that because of your slow start, you have moved faster than all your peers once you grasped your bearings. You moved at such a fast pace and learned so much about the way people feel and yet, still you continue to move and still you continue to amaze me.

There were many obstacles and struggles which pushed you back on your journey, although, there were also many moments worth capturing which helped you break through them and continue boldly.

I have kept long, the sights that have changed your character – some of which have torn your spirit and others that built you up. Regardless, these are memories that have shaped your identity – distinguishing you from the rest and helping you exceed beyond your peers.

Because of your willpower and yearn for knowledge, you took control of your destiny from the beginning. You ran ahead of those around you and experienced the delicacies of life for yourself. Maturity and responsibility then came of this as you were exposed to better understanding of the areas of life around you. It was then that I realized your mind was at its peak moment of growth.

Today, you are a completely different person you were then. Today, you are a dreamer, an optimist, a hard-worker, a supporter, a leader, a diplomat, and a listener. You reach for things that others don’t consider. You understand how people feel. You are a motivator and a giver. You are generous and caring. You are helpful and willing. You have faith and determination in those around you and in yourself. You think of others before yourself. Your support is solely focused on helping others in need.

Further down the road, you began carrying people on your back – across rivers – as your legs were torn by the bites of snapping fish. You began leading your peers to success as they followed confidently behind you and trusted in your wisdom. Your energy was focused on those you carried. People began following your footsteps as others had faith in your words. As your influence grew larger; your heart was filled with love and care.

You are a man of generosity – a man who gives more than he can offer. People come and stand by you – supporting your efforts and appreciating your presence.

I have seen more in you than I have ever seen in anyone else. Since the day you started this journey until the present, you have developed into a powerful and influential person. You have power over others with your understanding and patient mind. You have influenced those to rest beneath you as you are a protector of their conscience.

Respect for your hard-work, has affected those around you – making an army consisted of love and care – an army larger than any I have seen before. With this force, you are able to battle any obstacles that may keep you from progressing towards your unknown destination. You can do this because your followers believe in you just as you place your trust and belief in each one of their hearts.

We sit here now, resting beneath this tree, as we reflect and I share with you my sights of your achievements and growth. I am proud to say that I will be able to keep these memories forever. I am truly impressed and satisfied by how far you have come. I am proud of you and truly grateful of your talents. I know that one day; you will truly make a difference in everyone’s life.

Sit back and relax – enjoy the mountainous view and the tree which shades us and keeps us cool. This is a time of reflection of old memories and feelings.

Yours truly,
Your Mind.


“Sometimes you have to look back in order to understand the things that lie ahead.” ~ Yvonne Woon

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